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CGN research is a leading organization in the realm of Bulk SMS. Over the years the company has consolidated its presence in the market and have been providing world-class bulk sms services to its clients. We offer various SMS services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals, focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. We are a global player in business texting solutions. Our unique bulk sms application and services can send SMS directly from EXCEL plugin too. You can now add and remove contacts from your Bulk SMS account. Bulk SMS is useful for all types of businesses, especially in targeting the local customers. With the help of our BULK SMS service you can very quickly contact your customers wherever they be within the nation, be it Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Punjab, Noida, Gurgaon or elsewhere. Corporate companies enjoy huge benefits through our Bulk SMS service in India. We provide ideal solutions to expand small businesses and firms into larger ones. A huge number of companies have seen tremendous growth in business by the response they get from the customers. The Bulk SMS solution is designed in such a way, to serve the communication needs of all kinds of industry, by helping them stay in touch with their customers and associates constantly. Though there are a number of companies offering SMS software download, they provide partial results and you can hardly achieve the desired results due to several hidden handicaps. Our policies are completely transparent and our services are efficient to satisfy the varied needs of customers. Our bulk SMS software makes managing the database easier and ensures improved productivity after the integration of our Bulk SMS solution into your corporate culture. Wherever in India your customer is, our services carry your messages to them. We boast of the widest coverage and are the best service providers for SMS marketing.

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Marketing SMS

sms publicity and sms advertising via web sms for sending bulk text messages from the internet.

High Priority SMS

High Priority SMS Gateways are mainly used for sending real time SMS which needs to be delivered instantly.

Priority SMS

Sms which are sent at a much faster rate than a normal message. We treat these messages like OTP.

Transactional SMS

SMS's which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.



  High Priority SMS Recharge Offers

SMS Pack OFFER Validity Route Total Order Now
10 SMS Trail - 1 Year High Priority ₹0 Recharge Now
5,000 SMS Trail - 1 Year High Priority ₹1,250 Recharge Now
10,000 SMS Trail 500 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹2,350 Recharge Now
25,000 SMS Trail 1,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹4,750 Recharge Now
50,000 SMS Trail 2,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹8,950 Recharge Now
1,00,000 SMS Trail 5,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹12,000 Recharge Now
5,00,000 SMS Trail 5,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹55,000 Recharge Now
10,00,000 SMS Trail 5,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹1,05,000 Recharge Now
20,00,000 SMS Trail 5,000 Extra SMS 1 Year High Priority ₹1,90,000 Recharge Now

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How it works?

Mass Messaging is the spread of substantial quantities of SMS messages for conveyance to cell telephone terminals. It is utilized by media organizations, ventures, banks (for advertising and extortion control) and shopper brands for a mixed bag of purposes including stimulation, venture and portable showcasing.

Mass informing is regularly utilized for alarms, updates, promoting additionally for data and correspondence between both staff and clients.

Mass informing gives you a chance to convey SMS messages to portable handsets anyplace on the planet.

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